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Web Application

LIXY’s team of talented in-house engineers use structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards. We tailor our solutions to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Mobile Applications

LIXY builds mobile applications using our expertise with native SDKs and cross-platform tools to create products that work on any device or platform. We leverage our years of experience to deliver on-time and under budget.

Talent Outsourcing

LIXY provides organisations with high quality technical talent for both recruitment and product development purposes at cost effective rates.

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Competitive advantage comes with finding and exploiting untapped markets. LIXY identifies, trains, and manages quality engineers from from Africa, allowing you to benefit from the reduced costs in finding the right and quality engineers.

We hire experienced engineers on your behalf, at a fraction of what you would pay a beginner in the local market. We also train and ensure a sustained performance for your team, so you can focus on product development.

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Tips To Building A Successful Startup

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A startup is a young company that is founded and run by an entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs with the purpose of developing and marketing a product or products capable of solving human problems.

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