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55 Tools you need for Remote Work

  • by Olamide Olawale
  • March 27, 2020

A lot has changed since the world got hit by the pandemic COVID-19. Generally, life as we know it has changed drastically. People have lost their jobs, there’s a looming economic meltdown, and staying away from each other is now the new way of showing love.

The corporate world has also taken a hit as offices have been left empty and people have resorted to working from home. This change hasn’t been friendly to people who necessarily need to work from the four walls of an office because, in all their lives, it’s the only way they know to be productive. But as we know, change is the most constant thing. As a CTO or a manager of a tech team, this might prove to be even more daunting because you have to oversee a team of remote workers over a long period of time.

You might be asking how you can successfully manage your team like you’ve done when they had to work from the office. Luckily, we are experts in the business of remote work and have come up with a list of tools that should help you to work efficiently from a remote location. We have also put them into categories to help you choose the ones you might need for different tasks.

1. Team collaboration and Work tools.

Team collaboration tools are software applications that help teams to effectively work together on a project regardless of their geographical location. Each of these tools have unique features and a number of possible uses. So you may have to choose the one that suits your team most from the bunch below that can easily be found on the internet.

Dropbox, Slack, Pukkateam, Aircall, Float, Skype, Zoom, Google meet, Jell, Microsoft team, Zenkit,, Workplace by Facebook, Glip, Office 365, Crowdcollab, FunRetro.

2. Productivity and reporting tools.

These are the tools that are used in viewing, creating and managing the level of productivity of any member of a team. They are also used in reporting the status of different tasks. Data that is necessary for decision making can also be extracted from some of these tools. The tools include:

Focus booster, I Done This, Noisli, Todoist, Evernote, Mindmeister, Weekdone, Brainfm.

3. Project management/task management tools

These are the tools that assist individuals or teams to effectively get work organised and manage projects or a group of tasks. You may have come across some of these tools as they are already being used to manage different projects in many organisations. Here are some of them:

ProjectManager, Trello, Podio, Taskworld, Basecamp, Asana, Assembla, Smartsheet, Monday, Wrike, Meistertask, Jira, nTaskManager.

4. Work management tools

These are digital tools that are used to plan, monitor, track, review, and assign project/non-project tasks. The aim is to effectively improve the efficiency of a team and the overall business results irrespective of geographical locations. Here is a few of them that you can use;

Workfront, Paymo, Scoro, Airtable, Outwork, Kissflow.

5. Time management tools

These tools are primarily used to manage people, time, information, and tasks. Time management tools can help you keep your tasks on a tidy schedule. One of the keys to increasing productivity is a great TO-DO list.

Worldtime Buddy, Accelo, RescueTime, Toggl, Calendly, Doodle.

6. Other remote tools

Some of the other remote work tools include tools that can be used in saving multiple passwords, a software development collaboration, and a project management tool that integrates with other tools. These tools include:

Passpack, 1password, Workform, Pivotal Tracker, Github, Confluence.

Remote work tools have been specially designed to help break geographical boundaries in the modern-day work culture. The best part is that they have proven to be efficient in doing that and more. Some of the tools have to be used in collaboration with other tools to get the best out of them and some of them can be used to improvise in other categories. We believe you’ll find these tools useful while we come to terms with the new reality. Thank us later.

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