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About LIXY

Great Talent is everywhere, Opportunity should be too

At LIXY, we help our clients build high-quality software products by ensuring that they have the top technical talent. We believe that the best products are designed by uncommonly gifted and tech-savvy people, and we take pride in providing your organization with the best talent out there.

LIXY was built to meet the growing demand for technology and tech talent across the world. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California, and offer software consulting and remote team building services to organizations looking to get the highest value out of their engineering teams.


In 2017 I went back to Nigeria to visit my family for the first time in over a decade. I’ve always known Nigerians to have a tremendous work ethic and high regard for education, but opportunities to apply that skill and drive were severely lacking. Jobs were very limited, and the infrastructure did not yet exist to allow individuals to access global opportunities. Almost nobody had cell phones, much less a computer or internet access.

But on my trip in 2017, I saw that things had dramatically changed. Everybody now has a smartphone with internet access, there was a burgeoning tech scene with many startups building software for the needs of those in Nigeria, and the African continent at large. There was a large and rapidly growing engineering community. Quality job opportunities were still scarce, but now the access had arrived. Seeing the rapid growth of technology and engineering expertise, I realized it was finally possible to create the business I’d been planning for years.

Africa is now the fastest growing Internet population, having grown almost 12,000% over the last 2 decades, with most of that growth in the last 10 years. It now has more internet users than the North American Continent.

I’ve been building engineering teams for over 2 decades. I founded my first company in 1998, I’ve been part of a number of engineering leadership teams, and have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges in building and managing software applications.

Mission Statement

We are focused on helping our customers develop the best tech products, build high-performance teams, and improve the speed at which they build their software.

LIXY aims at identifying tech talent and giving them access to even better developmental processes that ensure that they are capable of delivering scalable tech solutions. Our objective is to help clients meet their set goals by empowering them with the right team. We also want to ensure that we provide a platform for continuous learning and up-to-date skill development for the engineers so they can provide optimum value to clients.


We want to impact the world by growing the best tech talent and building the best tech products that would significantly bridge the technology gap in several organizations. We also want to ensure that organizations have access to ready-made tech talent that is capable of developing fit-for-purpose tech solutions. Furthermore, we hope that in our quest of bridging the technology gap, we provide job opportunities for developers around the world.