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A Welnite Case Study

LIXY built a web/mobile consultation application for Wellnite Health.


The Client

Wellnite Health looked to get into the Telemedicine space as a startup. Their goal is to make high-quality mental healthcare accessible to everyone regardless of location or insurance coverage.

Wellnite provides Doctors who are Board Certified physicians to treat patients with depression and anxiety from their privacy and comfort. Patients can access their doctors by video or voice calls who take advantage of detailed history and symptoms to make diagnoses and prescriptions.

The high cost of treating depression and anxiety is reduced in Wellnite’s range of prices. Wellnite brings people a real solution to their mental health problems at a low cost. When compared to the high cost of traditional treatment, Wellnite’s offers are flexible and more favorable.

The Problem

Wellnite’s model would flourish in a completely remote system where patients would be able to request specific services from the comfort of their homes or offices and get an almost immediate response. They also needed a seamless and hassle-free payment process that all parties would use.

Their intended product needed a platform that would provide a solution to three specific problems:

  • They needed a virtual medical consultation platform: A feature that would allow patients to engage with a Doctor over a video call. Patients would be able to opt-in or out of the video option by controlling their camera settings. This feature would also give patients a similar but more private experience than he/she would get if they visited a health center.
  • A means to have a controlled and private chat with a coach from anywhere was only envisioned: This feature would be for patients who prefer to stay off the cameras. It required a real-time text-only service between the patient and a doctor.
  • They also needed a platform for virtual therapy sessions: This would be an interactive session between a patient and a therapist. It is intended for patients who are going through depression or/and anxiety to get personalized treatment from the best mental health doctors in the industry.

Apart from these requirements, the client also needed a controlled means of delivering prescription medications to her patients via an e-prescription service.

The Solution

LIXY’s product team met with the product owners to discuss and highlight the desired product features. The design team from LIXY went on to produce initial mock-ups for the product while her product team ensured all designs were good enough to be presented to the client for approval.

LIXY used the Agile development methodology in the process of Wellnite’s product development. To the delight of our client, we were able to showcase some important aspects of the product’s functionality within a few weeks of software development.

As a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the earlier months of 2020, the platform recorded a rapid rise in the number of its users. The need for remote services, especially in the health sector had dramatically increased as opposed to in-person visits.

The utility of Wellnite’s application includes making schedules to attend audio, video, and chat-based consultation sessions with certified physicians and/or therapists on the other end of the conversation. The application’s user interface is very comfortable and the user experience is top-notch. Wellnite integrates a seamless and easy-to-use payment system and a referral program for loyal members.