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Managed Operations

We set up an overseas office for you. We provide all the needed resources for IT recruitment and HR management while you handle quality and productivity. We find this model works best for our clients looking to hire four or more engineers. This option allows our clients to quickly scale up their engineering team without incurring the high costs of setting up an offshore corporation from scratch.

The primary benefits are:

  • A full-time, dedicated team you can integrate into your business. These teams operate just like your existing teams.
  • You choose from the candidates we present; we do the recruitment, technical assessment, and initial fit screening. You only need to do the final screen for specific skills and culture fit. This approach allows you to quickly grow the team, without requiring too much of your time and attention
  • Full control over the processes, tasks, and KPIs of the team.
  • Simple, transparent costs
  • An on-site expert who understands the labor laws and local culture, with experience setting up and growing organizations.

Technical Outsourcing

We understand that focusing on the core of the business is important to the growth of your organization, so we provide organizations access to a large pool of skilled engineers that are capable of building top-notch, secure and scalable products. We have helped many organizations hire, train, and manage top-quality tech talents. We augment your team with highly skilled and experienced engineers at a fraction of what you would pay for such talent in the local market.

Technical Recruiting

We do the recruiting and technical assessments for you and provide you with 3-5 candidates to choose from, meeting the skills you specify. From that point on, you negotiate the employment agreement and hire them directly, just as you would any staff in your local office. This is the lowest cost option but requires more direct management from you once you’ve hired the engineer.

Product Development

Our in-house team of highly experienced and efficient developers takes product development to a whole new level. We build products, both web, and mobile that work on any device or platform using our rich expertise with native SDKs and cross-platform tools.